Magpie is a cat of many perspectives
He has a heart of gold
He loves me and I love him
I tend to draw some of the aspects of Magpie.

My first series of Magpie drawings sold out within a day
I then did Series II, which equally sold out quickly
I hope to be completing Series III shortly.

Each drawing sold goes to raise money for the ‘27%’ art project
I named the project this because it is estimated that 27% of the population world wide has a disability
So far I have raised over $200 and I hope to raise enough to frame my artworks.

I thank you for reading this
I hope you like the pictures of Magpie too.

This piece was read as part of Origins and Superpowers,  a public readings event held by Scope and Melbourne Library Service in December 2015. A group of writers with disabilities who had worked with professional writers in the Telescope Workshops read selections from their work across the genres of fiction, memoir, poetry and non fiction.

Telescope is one of the arts programs run by Community Inclusion staff at Scope and it includes workshops, a writing prize, awards and public readings.