Activity ideas

dancing and karaoke
Dancing and karaoke

Movement and music are not only enjoyable, they’re great tools to maintain positive mental health.

What you can do:

• Choose your favourite songs and create a playlist

• Theme your sessions – 80s ballads, hip hop or classic hits

• Buy wigs and dress up items.

Dance and Roll runs a weekly online dance group every Thursday night from 6 to 7pm. For details contact Rocca on 0408 523 742 or You can also check out their Facebook page.

Arts and crafts

Art is a great activity that makes use of both physical and online resources. You don’t need loads of art supplies to get creative at home.

What you can do:

• Find resources from around the home and see what you can make from them

• Go on an online tour of a gallery

• Download colouring sheets or activities from the internet.

The National Gallery of Victoria website produces virtual tours of its collections on the NGV Channel and online art classes.

Exercise class

Enjoy staying active with an online workout, or an outdoor exercise class. Depending on the exercise, you might choose upbeat music to get the energy going or natural sounds to create calm.

What you can do:

• Try a different activity each day – upbeat cardio or stretching

• You can play music on a mobile phone

• If you don’t have weights use household objects such as cans or bags of rice

• Use YouTube videos as a guide to help with exercise techniques.

Try in home workouts with Strength 4 Disability. Brenton, a personal trainer with Cerebral Palsy has made workout videos online to help people stay active at home.

Explore cooking new recipes

Learn new skills in the kitchen while cooking or baking some delicious treats. This could help you to to develop skills around cooking and food safety; all whilst developing your independence and confidence in the kitchen.

What you can do:

• Pick a recipe from our recipe hub or search the internet for recipes you may like to try

• Prepare and enjoy the meal with others.

Check out this series of videos on accessible cooking for people with an intellectual disability called Cookability:

Hallway bowling

To replace going bowling, why not set up hallway bowling at home? This is a great activity for all to get involved and have fun inside.

What you can do:

• Buy a set of bowling pins and a soft bowling ball

• Create a makeshift bowling alley in a hallway using coloured tape for the lines

• For the competitive ones, you can make score cards and organise some prizes.

Pamper session

Get creative with makeup and hairstyling. Transform a section of the house into a dedicated day spa where you can enjoy a pamper session.

What you can do:

• Create a day spa feeling with calming music, special drinks, and magazines

• Try simple manicures and pedicures, face masks and cucumber eye masks

• Make your own masks with kitchen ingredients such as oatmeal or honey.

Celebrate Cultural Day

Host a ‘Cultural Day’ celebration and get everyone to share their favourite traditional meals, swap stories about different cultural activities and celebrations. Try words from their traditional language!

What you can do:

• Create a traditional dish or meal to share. You could do one theme a day or bring it all together. Try Dolmades (Greek food), Roti (Indian food) or Dumplings (Chinese food), all great for sharing.

• You can find these food items at the supermarket

• Dress up in traditional costumes and clothes

• Share photos of cultural celebrations

• Watch international movies.

Embrace technology

Grab a phone, laptop or tablet and organise video calls so residents can still see their family and loved ones face to face. If video calling isn’t available, a simple phone call is still a good option.

What you can do:

• Go familiar with FaceTime or Skype or try Zoom – whichever is simple to use

• Talking through technology can be a challenge – help customers prepare what they want to say, pictures they want to share and questions they want to ask.

mini golf
Mini-golf session

A game of mini-golf always guarantees some laughs. It’s also a fun way to keep fit and improve hand-eye coordination.

What you can do:

• Create a mini-golf setup inside the home or in the backyard

• Don’t have mini-golf clubs? Try using cardboard tubes, pool noodles, or fly swatters!

Themed Bingo

Bingo is a fun and entertaining way to get everyone together and spending time together as a group.

What you can do:

Make bingo cards in the themes of sports, colours, or animals

• Collect old milk bottle lids to use as the markers instead of textas so the cards can be reused

• Have a prize for the first person who calls ‘Bingo!’

Sports day

Promote fun in the sun with a sports day. It’s a great way to get fresh air and get fit.

What you can do:

• Try different activities – softball, football, cricket

• Setup an obstacle course in the backyard with different game ‘stations’

• Try a simple shoot and throw game – throwing a ball into a hula hoop or laundry basket.


Looking for a calming activity that you can do at home? Why not try yoga? There are many benefits including increased flexibility, better muscle tone and strength, and more energy.

What you can do:

• Set up a space to practice yoga in your house

• Play calming music

• Use YouTube videos as a guide to help with exercise techniques.

The Chrisalis Foundation is offering a range of live streamed physical and recreational programs at different times during the week. Visit the Chrisalis Foundation Events Facebook page for more info.