Communication resources for understanding and staying safe from the coronavirus (COVID-19)

It’s important that we all know what we can do to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19, and why.

We’ve created the resources on this page to help you understand, explain, and talk about the coronavirus.

Key Word Sign

Video: COVID19: What is coronavirus and how can you be safe

Use this video to help you talk about the coronavirus with people who use Key Word Sign to communicate.

Coronavirus information signs and poster

We’ve also created some coronavirus information signs and a poster showing how to use Key Word Sign to talk about COVID19 and keeping safe.

Communication aids

Coronavirus communication board

You can use this communication board to talk about the coronavirus with someone who has a communication difficulty. The board has instructions on how to use it.

Washing hands task schedule

Use this task schedule to break down the task of washing hands into smaller steps for someone and support them to be more independent.

How to wear a mask task schedule

Use this task schedule to help break down the task of putting on a face mask into smaller steps.

Easy English resources

We’ve created Easy English resources to help people with low English literacy understand the coronavirus, stay healthy, and keep others safe.

Social Stories

Social Stories are used to help someone better understand a specific social situation or idea.

Here are 6 Social Stories that explain the different situations and experiences you could have because of the coronavirus pandemic.