Coronavirus information

Latest customer updates and answers to your most frequently asked questions about our response to the coronavirus.

Scope's response

The health and wellbeing of Scope customers is the highest priority for Scope.

We follow the advice and direction of the authorities in management of COVID-19 and have additional measures in place in support of staff and customers safety.

Our support staff follow strict infection control measures with regular reminders and updates about Infection Prevention and Control Procedures.

We encourage customers to stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations and enable individuals to access their medical practitioners for advice

We ensure that all sites are equipped with appropriate supplies including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Staff are vigilant in looking out for signs of the illness and reporting this swiftly.

We are following all government guidelines for the use of PPE. That means staff will wear face masks if they are working around people who have been diagnosed or might have Covid-19.

Staff will wear masks when providing personal care and where physical distancing can not be achieved.

Read more about PPE guidelines here.

In line with government guidelines, customers need to wear a mask in some sensitive settings and may wear them at any time if they choose.

To find out more about where face masks are required in Victoria, click here.

To find out more about where face masks are required in NSW, click here.

Visitors to our sites will need to complete our visitor tool and follow what guidelines are in place at the service you’re visiting.

You cannot visit if you’re a close contact of someone with Covid-19 or have had Covid-19 yourself in the past 14 days. All sites require proof of a negative Rapid Antigen Test to visit.

Scope is supporting customers to understand the COVID-19 vaccine and how to access it.

Find out how is Scope supporting customers to get vaccinated here.

Symptoms, confirmation, isolation & quarantine

Take a Rapid Antigen Test or go and get a PCR test.

To find out more about testing for Covid-19 visit here.


To find out what you should do if you test positive for Covid-19, visit the Department of Health website and follow the guidelines for the state you live in.

If anyone suspects they are sick, they should get tested and follow the government’s advice. If you’re a close contact of someone who is sick, you are required to wear a mask indoors while they are isolating.

If you or your family member lives in a SIL home, please let your House Supervisor or Coordinator know.

To read more about what to do if you’re a close contact, visit here.

If a resident shows any signs of Covid-19, we will seek immediate medical attention and support them to be tested.

Should a resident test positive for Covid-19, we will support them to safely isolate during their quarantine period.

We will support other residents in the house and their families if this happens.

What happen if a customer who attends my DLO becomes ill?

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our DLO services, we ask that customers test themselves regularly before coming to the service.

Should a resident test positive for Covid-19, we instruct them to stay home for the period of isolation.

Hospitals & medication

If you are admitted to hospital, we will work with the staff to ensure you receive the care and support needed.

SIL customers

If you are a SIL customer, Scope will work with your regular pharmacist and doctors to get access to the medicines you require.

Other customers

For all other customers, we recommend contacting your regular doctor or pharmacist to make sure you have enough supply of the medication you need in case you need to self-isolate.

Funding & NDIS

For information on how the NDIA is responding to support participants, visit the NDIA website


Please note: The government may update directions, documents and information in response to the way the coronavirus pandemic evolves. We will do our best to keep this information updated in a timely way. We recommend checking the Victorian government’s website for the latest information.