Our history

At Scope, we are proud of our history and the values our organisation was founded on.

Our organisation was established in 1948 by a group of families desperate for support for their children with cerebral palsy.

Without a service provider who would take their children on, the families banded together to create a not-for-profit organisation that believed in the potential of every individual, regardless of the complexity of their disability. With this conviction, the Spastic Children’s Society of Victoria was born.

As the children they supported thrived and grew, so did the organisation. It extended its services to include adults with a disability and changed its name to the Spastic Society of Victoria.

By 2001, the Spastic Society of Victoria was providing a wide range of services to more than 3500 people with a range of disabilities and support needs.

To reflect this expansion, the organisation changed its name to Scope. We chose ‘Scope’ as it upheld the core belief of our founding families — with the right support every person has scope to achieve their goals in life.

Today, Scope supports more than 6000 people with a disability to lead the life they choose. We work with more than 1000 community organisations to help create welcoming and inclusive communities for people with a disability.

Through best practice research and innovation, we provide leadership to both state and federal governments in policy development and sector reform.

At Scope, as we look back at our history, the vision and determination of those early families drives us on. Our mission is to enable each person we support to live as an empowered and equal citizen.

At Scope, we see the person not the disability.