Inclusive arts

Kaleidoscope exhibition 2017

“Making art is my passion. It’s been the best way for me to relieve stress and it’s something that brings great joy into my life,” says artist Jarrod Mayer.

“I was really proud to be exhibited in the Kaleidoscope Exhibition and to have the public view my work. Being featured in Kaleidoscope encourages me to create more art in the future.”

The No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne opened its gates to host the annual Kaleidoscope exhibition. The annual state-wide exhibition is part of the Kaleidoscope inclusive arts initiative that includes artists attending group workshops, participating in annual art awards and for some, having the opportunity to be involved in an artist mentorship program.

Photograph of Greg Muir in front of his artworks
Artist Greg Muir

Artists, families, Scope staff, and members of the public attended the gallery over the course of the exhibition.

A true highlight was Ibby Ibrahim’s speech during the opening of the exhibition. Ibby was awarded first place in the 2016-17 Kaleidoscope Art Awards for his painting ‘Fruit and Flower Symbols’.  Ibby shared with the exhibition guests how art has had a huge influence in his life and his hopes for the future. He also explained how Kaleidoscope has increased his self-confidence. Ibby completed his speech by saying “I just wanted to ask each of us now to clap, because we are all here supporting each other”.

Photo of Ibby Ibrahim delivering his speech on opening night of the Kaleidoscope exhibition.
Ibby Ibrahim delivering his speech on opening night.

Entries are now open for the 2017-18 Kaleidoscope awards. You can find the entry form on the Scope intranet. Entries close on Friday 30th July 2017.

If you would like more information on the Kaleidoscope inclusive arts initiative, contact Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre on 1300 472 673 or