Key Word Sign Awareness Day!

Key Word Sign is one of the most widely used Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) strategy, being used with children and adults with communication difficulties throughout the lifespan.

Sign: ‘where’

To celebrate this we have created the first ever National Key Word Sign Day! National Key Word Sign Day aims to raise awareness of using Key Word Sign as an effective means of communication for adults and children with communication difficulties.

Key Word Sign Awareness Day is today – on the 10th of the 10th 2017, to celebrate our 10 fingers that are so good to sign with!

Sign: ‘yellow’

Key Word Sign is used with young children to help them develop early communication and support their attempts at speech. Older children use Key Word Sign to help them learn and understand new words, and to combine words into sentences. Many adults use Key Word Sign as a primary form of communication, or to communicate quickly and easily with their family and friends, while using communication boards/books in their wider world.

We invite everyone interested in Key Word Sign to do something to mark this day:

Have a conversation using Key Word Sign. Check out the Key Word Sign Youtube channel for some examples.

• You could sing and sign a nursery rhyme with a child – check out the free downloads of Nursery Rhymes to Sign and Sign here.

• Want to sing a different song? Check out YouTube – there’s lots of songs sung with Key Word Sign.

• Don’t want to sign a song? What about reading a story book to a child and signing the key words or signing while playing a game?

• Why not have a Signing Morning Tea in your workplace? Choose some key words for morning tea items, make a handout with the Key Word Sign app (remember to include useful words like “want”, “like”, “give me”, “delicious/yummy”, “eat”, “drink”), get a nice morning tea together, and SIGN

Haven’t got the KWS app? National Key Word Sign Day is a great day to buy it – at a 25% discount. That’s almost $10 off an already very affordable app!

Make a video of whatever you do and send it in to

On the 10th of the 10th 2017, let your fingers do the talking!

If you would like to know more about Key Word Sign or National Key Word Sign Day, contact Scope’s Communication & Inclusion Resource Centre (CIRC) at or 03 9843 2000.