Key Word Sign Awareness Day

This October 10, let your fingers do the talking!

Key Word Sign uses manual signs and natural gesture to support communication.

For children and adults with communication difficulties, it’s a great way to encourage and support language development.

To celebrate this, we created Key Word Sign Awareness Day back in 2017. This day is all about raising awareness of how Key Word Sign can be an effective way of communicating for adults and children with communication difficulties.

Key Word Sign Awareness Day is on the 10th day of the 10th month, to celebrate the 10 fingers that are so good to sign with!

Key Word Sign helps young children to develop early communication and supports their attempts at speech. Older children use Key Word Sign to help them learn and understand new words, and to combine words into sentences.

But it’s not just for kids – many adults use Key Word Sign as a primary form of communication, or to communicate quickly and easily with their family and friends, while using communication boards and books in their wider world.

We invite everyone interested in Key Word Sign to do something to mark this day:

  • Have a conversation using Key Word Sign. Check out the Key Word Sign videos on our YouTube channel for some examples.
  • You could sing and sign a nursery rhyme with a child – check out our free downloads of Nursery Rhymes to Sign and Sign.
  • Want to sing a different song? Check out YouTube – there’s lots of songs sung with Key Word Sign. You can even start practicing how to sign your Christmas carols!
  • Don’t want to sign a song? What about reading a story book to a child and signing the key words or signing while playing a game?
  • Why not have a Silent Morning Tea in your workplace? Better yet – host your very own Virtual Silent Morning Tea! Here are some tips to host a successful Silent Morning Tea using Key Word Sign to communicate, along with free downloadable resources for the day. While you’re at it, share photos of your Silent Morning Tea and tag us at @scopeaust on social media, using the hashtag #SilentMorningTea

Happy signing!