I love my visual calendar!

Find out how this calendar from NECAS is helping JD, a young man with a communication difficulty.

JD lives at home with his parents, and regularly visits his Speech Pathologist, Julie Johnstone.

JD is very busy throughout his week.

He attends the gym twice a week, TAFE three days per week, is part of a men’s club and hangs out with his friends as they like to go to the movies, basketball, fishing and even clay shooting!

With such a busy week, it is only natural to need a hand to remember what each day brings.

JD found that he was becoming very reliant on his parents to plan his day. He would have to ask his mum every night about what he had planned for the next day, and the next morning. Then on the actual day, he would ask again about what he had planned for that day.

JD and his family thought that Julie may have some suggestions as to what they could put in place for JD to help him plan his week and remember what was happening each day.

Julie suggested a visual calendar, which would help JD to independently plan his week, and act as a visual reminder to jog his memory as to what he had planned for each day.

Julie suggested that they have the visual calendar produced by Scope’s Non-Electronic Communication Aid Scheme (NECAS).

JD, Julie and his mum worked together to write a list of all the activities JD participates in (there were a lot!) and submitted this list with his application. JD’s mum also took photos on JD’s iPad for more specific activities related to JD. This included JD’s day centre and his two dogs, who he feeds every night after dinner.

weekly calendar
JD’s visual calendar with hook and loop pull-off cards

JD received his visual calendar – and it has been a great success!

JD is able to independently check his schedule for the day ahead, can plan what he will wear and anything he needs to take with him with much more success.

If you think a communication aid may help you or somebody you support, check out Scope’s Non-Electronic Communication Aid Scheme (NECAS) for adults, or KidsChat service for children aged 0-18 years. Or, contact Scope’s CIRC at 03 9843 2000 or circ@scopeaust.org.au