Scope builds partnerships to expand Communication Access nationally

Scope is excited to announce partnerships with fellow disability support providers Northcott, New South Wales, and Two-way Street, South Australia. These partnerships will support the roll out of communication access across Australia. These partnerships will support the roll out of communication access across Australia and aim to make mainstream services in the public transport sector and local government sector more accessible.

The NDIS Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) national readiness grant funds the “Communication Access Australia: Where everyone gets their message” across. The project has four main elements, each designed to increase the capacity of mainstream providers to increase accessibility for people with disabilities, with a focus on communication access. The project team consists of award-winning researchers, consultants, and therapy professionals from Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre.

Building sustainability into national access and inclusion programs

In NSW, Scope and Northcott will focus on increasing inclusion of public transport passengers with communication difficulties.

The project includes customised training, resource development and communication access assessments of select transport providers.

In South Australia, Scope is partnering with Two Way Street, to build the capacity of mainstream local government services.

People with communication disabilities will be employed as communication access assessors. They will also be involved as project leads, co-presenters, and assessors.

The projects follow on from Scope’s successful work with V/Line and Public Transport Victoria (PTV), which saw V/Line become the first transport operator in the world to be awarded with the Communication Access Symbol.

Australia has 4.3 million people living with a disability just over one quarter (27.4%) or 1.2 million people live with some level of communication disability. The Communication Access Australia project marks a major milestone in Scope’s work to increase mainstream inclusion of people with communication difficulties.

Scope is working with Victoria Police to strengthen their support to victims of crime with communication difficulties.

Communication Access Australia cements Scope’s position as national leaders in access and inclusion. The Scope CIRC team’s past work in this area includes pioneering communication access standards and developing the accompanying Communication Access Symbol.