Speech isn’t the only way to have a conversation

Let’s make communication accessible for all. Let’s #AskForChange.

Did you know that 1 in 7 people will experience communication difficulties at some point in their lives? For many of us, that’s at least one friend or family member.

Communication disability affects 1.2 million Australians. This means they might have limited speech or may use other methods to get their message across like electronic speech devices, picture boards, and sign language.

Being able to communicate isn’t just a basic human right. It’s a big part of how we feel valued and included. It’s how we access essential services like banking, retail, and transport. And yet, 99% of businesses and services are not trained in simple strategies to talk to customers with communication difficulties.

Watch this video to meet Scope’s #AskForChange campaigners and hear their stories.

Most businesses and services are not communication accessible

For people like Moosa, Vivienne, Cassy and Jacob who can’t rely on speech to communicate, this is a huge barrier – being able to enter a building is no use if the staff inside don’t know how to communicate with you effectively.

But we can change this.

By training customer service staff in effective communication techniques, businesses and services can make sure all customers are understood and included.

This is communication access.

Communication access means people with communication difficulties can get their message across. There are many ways to do this, including:

  • Electronic speech devices;
  • Word or picture-based communication boards or books; and
  • Sign and gesture.
The Communication Access symbol

With the Communication Access Symbol, we can make sure people with communication difficulties are seen, heard and understood.

Let’s make inclusive communication part of everyday life

Let’s make sure our community leaders – everyday businesses and services – know about the impact of communication disability, and how to create fully accessible communities through the Communication Access Symbol.

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