TED Inspired Talk: How can people with severe cognitive disability make decisions?

Supporting people to live an autonomous life

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Dr. Jo Watson

In today’s world where we are consumed by choices, it is important that we all have the autonomy to make our own decisions.

Now in the NDIS world, it is incredibly important that everyone, including people with cognitive impairments, can make decisions about their own lives.

But how can this happen?

How can we ensure individuals with severe or profound cognitive impairment are the authors of their own decisions that enable them to lead self-determined lives?

How can we live up to our obligation as a signatory nation under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to ensure everyone can live an autonomous life?

How can we use a persons’ expression of preference as the building blocks for decision making?

Jo Watson recently presented at the Financial Counselling Australia Conference and aimed to answer these questions.

Make sure you watch her inspiring talk here.

About Dr. Jo Watson:

Dr. Jo Watson is a lecturer, researcher and speech pathologist, specialising in Disability and Inclusion at Deakin University.

You can access more of Jo’s publications here.