Tools2Talk+ gives you the tools to talk in different languages

An app that speaks your language

Did you know that you can use the Tools2Talk+ app to make communication tools in over 25 different languages?

The app allows you to create boards, cards, books, schedules…lots of things! All in languages other than English – and even has the capabilities to speak messages aloud in different languages as well!

If you’re interested in making your own Tools2Talk+ communication tools in different languages, you can download our instructions.

Have a look at all these boards that people have made in different languages for a range of purposes:

Hebrew community request cards
Chinese calendar
Danish First Then Boards
Korean council board
Indonesian holiday activities
Spanish Hospital Board
French Lunch Board
German Hobby Board

The Tools2Talk+ app is available for use on Apple’s iPad and can be purchased from the App Store.

For more information about the Tools2Talk+ app, please see the demonstration webinar here.