Unleashed art to celebrate International Guide Dogs day

Pedigree paintings and art pieces on show to celebrate International Guide Dogs day

Meet Caroline’s pal, Princess.

‘Princess the Labrador’ was artist Caroline Sant’s latest piece that she submitted to show at the Recollections Exhibition at the Keith Murdoch Gallery, State Library of Victoria. This art show was presented by Guide Dogs Victoria, as a part of their celebrations for International Guide Dogs day.

Caroline and ‘Princess’ posing for the puparazzi

When talking to Caroline about Princess, she spoke strongly about her use of bold, bright colours to beautify the familiar Labrador-shaped collection box.

Caroline expressed herself through line-drawings and patterns of hearts, smiling faces, bursts of sunshine and butterflies – all things that make Caroline happy – to show the happiness a person would feel if they had a Guide Dog as a companion.

‘Princess’, perfectly represents a lot of the qualities found in thousands of guide dogs across the globe – dependable, loyal and unwavering in her duty to stand tall and on guard – even with a mischievous butterfly on her nose!

Princess sat pride of place at the exhibition, in and amongst other fetching art pieces that had been submitted by artists and schools across Victoria. Some artists had participated through Scope’s inclusive Kaleidoscope mentoring program that supports budding artists to express themselves through art.

When asked what Caroline thought of Princess, she said “I like her. She’s very good, nice”.

To get involved in Scope’s Kaleidoscope art program, contact circ@scopeaust.org.au