The next generation learns why communication is for everyone

It was great to see the next generation of change-makers be inspired to take action and make positive changes in their community at one of Kids in Philanthropy’s Pitch for Change events.

Scope was one of 3 not-for-profit organisations who presented an activity, along with We Give a Boot and Oz Child.

The activity began with a game of charades. Everyone had to think about what it might be like for people who can’t use speech to communicate and how communication aids can assist people to get their message across.

There was an opportunity to try using different forms of communication including communication books, electronic apps, and Key Word Sign. The students below tried communicating using an E-Tran board.

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Everyone then designed their own communication boards. There were lots of examples of communication aids to look at to get some inspiration.

Thoughtful consideration went into thinking about what is significant to include on a communication board. Each person’s communication board looked very different! Everyone had to think about what they communicate about in their day-to-day lives and what it would be like if they could not use speech to say what is important to them.

Lots of communication boards included day-to-day needs, such as how they would ask where the toilet is or tell someone that they are hungry.

People also thought about how they would express their feelings, for example, tell someone that they were feeling frustrated or that they loved them.

Everyone thought about things that were special to them that would be important to include. One animal lover included the names of all their pets on their communication board. One foodie included a list of favourite foods including ‘sushi’ and ‘hot chips’.

Communication board

Everyone’s communication board was different and highlighted how important it is that each person has a communication
system that is personalised and tailored for them.

Scope raised $215 at the event, which will go towards personalised communication aids for children with complex communication needs.

We loved seeing our future leaders so engaged to learn about disability and communication!

Need support with communication aids?
Communication aids can help your child get their message across and understand the world around them. Scope’s Non-Electronic Communication Aid Service produces high-quality communication aids specific to the needs of each person.

We can support you to:

  • Get communication aids funded under NDIS
  • Choose the right type of communication aid for your child
  • Customise the communication aid to meet the needs of your child
  • Design and manufacture the aid, and
  • Support you and your child to use the aid.