Top 5 tips on making the most of the Royal Melbourne Show

Thinking of going to the Royal Melbourne Show this weekend?

Here are some top tips on how you can make the most of your day at the show.

1. Accessible Parking and Transportation

Firstly, think about how you’ll get there. There is limited accessible parking at the Showgrounds, so think about taking a taxi instead. If you do plan on driving, get there bright and early to ensure you can secure a parking spot.

Better yet, hope on public transport if you can. It is the most efficient way of getting to the Show. While the Show is on, the Showgrounds Station right outside the Show will be open will be open. Check out the PTV website for more details.

2. Play with furry friends

The Show is all about cute and cuddly animals. You can meet and even feed farm animals during your visit.

Start at the Animal Nursery and playing with newborns, then make your way to the Farmhouse to shave a sheep or even milk a cow. Finally, head down to the Farmyard to watch animals wander around as they do in their natural habitat.

If you have a Guide Dog or assistant animal, they’re welcome and the Royal Melbourne Show can provide water for them if needed.

For all the dog lovers, don’t miss the K9 Ninja Challenge where Four-legged contestants, from all walks of life and corners of the land, will go claw-to-claw to compete in the greatest obstacle course ever created for dogs.

3. Carers/companions eligible for free admission

Own a carers or companion card? carers can get free entry when attending with the owner of a companion card. If you have one of these cards and are above 14 years old, you’re also eligible for discounted tickets. So take advantage of this opportunity, and don’t miss out!

4. Activities for people with a disability

The festival has a range of activities and entertainment that are suitable for people of all abilities. Start by heading towards the animal shelter. Have a go at shearing a sheep, feed a baby goat, or even pat a pig.

Explore the arts, crafts and cookery areas with several exhibitions and demonstrations by gifted individuals, artists and chefs.

Finally, discover remarkable decorated cakes, detailed knit work and get involved in DIY activities. You know what they say… the messier, the better.

5. Wait… there’s more!

If you ever find yourself lost at the show, no need to panic! The Melbourne Showgrounds is fully wheelchair accessible and has signage, including symbols and icons, to help find your way. Accessible bathroom amenities are also available. Furthermore, elevators are accessible with auditory functions and braille controls.

If you’d like to rent a mobility aid on the day, they are available from all the information kiosks. Additionally, they also offer wheelchair accommodating seating arrangements and storage for mobility devices.

Have a great time at the show and tell us all about your experience!