Making Easter egg hunts accessible for all

Every Easter we look forward to the egg hunt and the fun that comes with it. Whether it’s in your own backyard or as part of your community’s celebrations, it’s one of those times parents get to create a little magic for their children.

With so much fun to be had, no one wants to miss out – so let’s make it even more exciting and accessible for all!

Beeping Easter eggs

Did you know you can get beeping Easter eggs? These are specially designed for those with vision impairment – these eggs can be found by following the loud, clear beep they make.

Chocolate alternatives

Some kids are allergic to chocolate – consider alternative gifts like books, stuffed toys, and craft material. Choose small gifts so they can still be part of the hunt surprise. You can even get plastic refillable eggs that can hold some of these gifts. And reuse them every year!

Sensory needs

Sensory needs are important to consider. As the hunt can get noisy, it might be handy to have some earplugs in your bag. And for kids who are sensitive to light have some sunglasses and a hat ready.

Keep eggs within reach

Each child may have their own mobility needs, which need to be taken into account so everyone can participate. Consider hiding eggs in tree nooks or perched on top of bushes. Alternatively, you can hide them in a bucket of rice or plastic grass or paper shreds, so they can dig through it.

We would love to hear your tips on making Easter hunts fun and accessible, so please share them with us!