“Sam’s part of the family”

When you work with someone for a long time, they become family. That’s definitely the case for Sam Assad of Sam’s Transport (formerly Big Cabs). He’s worked with Scope staff for over a decade, always going above and beyond for residents and staff.

Says Fiona Matikainen, Coordinator Scope Northern District Lifestyle Options, “We couldn’t do without him, he’s like one of the family.”

Part of celebrations and emergencies

Like a true family member, no celebration at Scope is complete without Sam. As well as contributing to customer and family Christmas parties. Sam visited four of our services in October to deliver professionally decorated birthday cakes to celebrate Scope’s 70th birthday.

Earlier this year, Sam provided emergency support after one of our homes in North Division was flooded. He even left a family dinner to help a resident relocate to another part of her home after her bedroom was badly water damaged.“We couldn’t do without him, he’s like one of the family” - Fiona Matikainen, Lifestyle Options Coordinator

Sam drove his taxi to Scope’s Glenroy office late at night, transporting an important equipment necessary for a resident to remain in her home. This gesture from Sam helped avoid relocating the resident to an unfamiliar environment.

Sam’s can-do attitude and willingness to go the extra mile was acknowledged, with Sam receiving the ‘Do it better’ Community Award at Scope’s Annual Awards held in early November.

When asked how it felt to receive the award, Sam remained humble.

“I’m very proud to receive this award,” he said, “but it’s just what I do.”

“I feel that Scope is a family, and like a family, we support each other. We work together to create a perfect picture.”