Meet The Rockheads – an inclusive music group for people of all abilities

Barwon band ‘The Rockheads’ are all about teamwork and self-expression through music. With the ultimate goal of becoming more involved with the community, the Rockheads is all about enjoying music.

This band is no one hit wonder – it has been rehearsing and performing for over three years. Members of the band are Scope customers from the Geelong area, the Golden Plains and the Surf Coast. The idea for the group emerged from a research project focusing on making community music accessible to young people with disabilities.

Emmanuel Pimentel from our Community Inclusion Team collaborated with music therapist Dr Melissa Murphy from the University of Melbourne to bring the group together for the project. However, as the project ended, the band members weren’t really ready to let it go. The Community Inclusion team with the help of very enthusiastic support workers now coordinates it.

The Rockheads welcome everyone, no matter their experience level with music, their age, or ability. Says bass player Joel, “It’s my favourite thing to do and I get to pick the songs. I like going out and can do it with music.”

All bands need a crew to keep them going, and The Rockheads rely on support from their family and carers.

Being the Rockheads

The band gives members the opportunity to express themselves, improve their social connections, make their own decisions, and work collaboratively.

Their most popular song, “We are The Rockheads” is lead singer Kim’s favourite jam, and she often involves the audience. The song is perfect for introducing all the members of the band to the audience and gives everyone an individual rock solo.

It is now a fixture on the local music scene. Kim says, “I love it and I love being with the other guys.”

The Rockheads have shaped a unique and welcoming environment between participants, families, carers, and staff. They were recognised with a Customer Team Award at the Scope Annual Awards held in November.

Keep rocking on Rockheads – we can’t wait for more inspired music in 2019.

Support the Rockheads

The Rockheads are one example of many of the bands that Scope supports. We need your help so that we can continue to expand and provide programs and services that enable people of all abilities the opportunity to be in accessible, supportive and inclusive community environments, whilst learning and enjoying doing something new.

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