Serving coffee and inclusion – local café awarded for outstanding service to customers with disability

Melbourne’s café culture is part of what makes this city great, and something we’re all proud of – especially when we’re in Sydney! One local café has taken extra steps to make all their customers feel part of the community.

Staff from the Iron Henry Café in go ‘above and beyond’ when serving their customers, especially those with a disability.

The staff are friendly and welcoming, and don’t mind taking extra time to listen and understand how each person communicates. They greet customers at the door and hold it open – this simple gesture eases accessibility.

“All of the staff there listen and take time to understand all customers, so that the person feels welcome and respected”, said Jacqui Fairbairn, Scope Coordinator.

The café also invested in building a ramp to further improve access for people who use wheelchairs.

Scope customers can easily meet up with friends in this friendly and inclusive venue.

Scope recently acknowledged The Iron Henry Café our Annual Awards, where their team received the ‘Do it right’ Community Award.