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15 Nov 2016

Tools2Talk+ gives you the tools to talk in different languages

8 Nov 2016

How do we make sure our Easy English documents…are easy?

The most important consideration when creating an Easy English document is making sure that it is easy to read! 

25 Oct 2016

What I learnt at Talking Mats training

18 Oct 2016

What makes a good support worker?

It’s important that a support worker is not only someone who is caring and supportive, but is also a person who can make you feel empowered, independent and included in the community.

11 Oct 2016

Why did these businesses get the Communication Access Symbol?

Two businesses that have recently successfully gone through the 10 Steps to Communication Access is the City of Stonnington council and Merri Health Community Centre.

4 Oct 2016

TED Inspired Talk: How can people with severe cognitive disability make decisions?

 Dr. Jo Watson is a lecturer, researcher and speech pathologist, specialising in Disability and Inclusion at Deakin University. She recently presented at the Financial Counselling Australia Conference where she explored choice and decision making.

23 Sep 2016

Top 5 tips for hosting a successful silent morning tea

Each year Scope runs a Silent Morning Tea each October to celebrate and raise awareness for International AAC Augmentative and Alternative Communication month.

16 Sep 2016

Who is Zane McKenzie?

9 Sep 2016

What the Communication Access Symbol means to Micheal

Over 1 million people in Australia have a communication difficulty just like Micheal.Having a communication difficulty sometimes means that these people can experience isolation from the community because people like staff aren’t equipped with the communication tools, knowledge or support to effectively communicate with them..

2 Sep 2016

Unleashed art to celebrate International Guide Dogs day

Caroline expressed herself through line-drawings and patterns of hearts, smiling faces, bursts of sunshine and butterflies – all things that make Caroline happy - to show the happiness a person would feel if they had a Guide Dog as a companion.