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3 Jan 2017

Interviewing Ibby Ibrahim, Kaleidoscope winner

Ibby Ibrahim was selected as the winner of Scope’s Kaleidoscope art prize for his painting Fruit and Flower Symbols and presented at the 2016 Annual Awards. Ibby loves to share positivity and excitement through his art, and focuses his works around the things that make him happy.

21 Dec 2016

Joining the Communication Access team

Jane shares her experiences and top tips for breaking down communication barriers for all after joining Scope's Communication Access team as part of her university course.

13 Dec 2016

What happened at the great InterGREAT Festival?

The interGreat festival was held to increase community connectedness and provide an opportunity for people to come together through music

6 Dec 2016

Free Christmas decorations For You

Celebrate the festive  season than with some free paper-based communication resources and decorations we made using the app Tools2Talk+!

29 Nov 2016

Key Word Sign Christmas Carols

This Christmas, why not learn to sing Christmas Carols using Key Word Sign?

22 Nov 2016

5 tips to seeing the person and not the disability

 Zane McKenzie from the Scope Education team provides top five tips to help you feel more confident in speaking to people with a disability.

15 Nov 2016

Tools2Talk+ gives you the tools to talk in different languages

8 Nov 2016

How do we make sure our Easy English documents…are easy?

The most important consideration when creating an Easy English document is making sure that it is easy to read! 

25 Oct 2016

What I learnt at Talking Mats training

18 Oct 2016

What makes a good support worker?

It’s important that a support worker is not only someone who is caring and supportive, but is also a person who can make you feel empowered, independent and included in the community.