Scope Blog

21 Aug 2018

Working together to create an inclusive society

Working at Scope together for the past couple of years, Lisa Ho and Georgia Burn have built a great relationship through their work. They are both advocates of creating an inclusive community for people with a disability.

1 Aug 2018

Scope Turns 70

On Friday 17 August Scope turns 70 and it’s time to celebrate! In 1948, a group of families seeking support for their children with cerebral palsy built an organisation that believed in every individual's potential, regardless of their disability. Fast forward 70 years and we have Scope, as we know it today.

31 Jul 2018

Artworks bring joy during station upgrades

31 Jul 2018

Roaming Ranch: My dream come true

31 Jul 2018

MiSO, a new measurement online tool

MiSO – an acronym for Measuring Impact and Service Outcomes – is an online app that enables service providers to measure the impact and outcomes of their services for people with a disability. MiSO collects, compiles and analyses outcomes data in one single, easy-to-access location.

23 Jul 2018

Accessible written information for people with intellectual disability

19 Jul 2018

Shining the spotlight on communication disabilities

16 Jul 2018

Fix Me – Lessons from an Early Childhood Therapists

A holistic approach to childhood therapy is about far more than fixing ‘a problem’. Therapy supports a child to feel that they are valued just as they are. Find out how Scope does this

5 Jul 2018

Understanding childhood development

The first five years is when your child develops the most. This means that your child’s relationships, nutrition, environment and playtime have an important role now and in the future. It is important to understand childhood development.

6 Jun 2018

Helping genU become communication accessible?