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24 Oct 2018

15 Sensory Play Activities for Kids

Parents and teachers are always looking for activities to support their children to explore and learn– at home and in school. Here are some sensory activities for kids that incorporate colour, smell, sound, and textures to give your child a sensory experience, while improving their motor skills.

8 Oct 2018

What is the Silent Morning Tea?

This October, let’s celebrate Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Awareness Month with a Silent Morning Tea. A silent morning tea sends a loud message to those with communication difficulties that we want to break down barriers and create an inclusive society.

17 Sep 2018

Disability is not the end of the road – Irene Kwong

Irene was dependent on people assisting her, significantly affecting here job search. Fortunately, her father owned a Chinese restaurant, and for four years she worked in the kitchen. “Packing 200 dozen Dim Sims a night is not easy with one hand!” Irene chuckles. Read Irene Kwong's inspirational story.

11 Sep 2018

Scope’s looking to the future with our new Customer Enquiry Service

Scope launches a centralised, customer-focused Customer Enquiry Service (CES). A unique service within the disability sector, we launched CES with the view to make the enquiry process smooth. We learnt from customer service in other industries and talked to customers to find out about their experience.

7 Sep 2018

Innovation and technology at the centre of Scope’s past, present and future

Innovation has always been important to Scope. Combining innovation and technology with 70 years of experience, Scope thinks outside the box to meet customers’ needs. Scope's Innovation Manager talks about how innovation and technology has been at the centre of Scope’s past, present, and future.

24 Aug 2018

Celebrating Speech Pathology Week: Q&A with Hilary Johnson

Communities need to be fully accessible and at Scope we believe Communication Access is key to making it happen. This Speech Pathology Week talk to Hilary Johnson is a respected member of the speech pathology community and a renowned researcher in her field.

21 Aug 2018

Working together to create an inclusive society

Working at Scope together for the past couple of years, Lisa Ho and Georgia Burn have built a great relationship through their work. They are both advocates of creating an inclusive community for people with a disability.

1 Aug 2018

Scope Turns 70

On Friday 17 August Scope turns 70 and it’s time to celebrate! In 1948, a group of families seeking support for their children with cerebral palsy built an organisation that believed in every individual's potential, regardless of their disability. Fast forward 70 years and we have Scope, as we know it today.

31 Jul 2018

Artworks bring joy during station upgrades

31 Jul 2018

Roaming Ranch: My dream come true