Customised Employment: How to apply for a job

Customised Employment (CE) puts you – the jobseeker – at the centre of the job-creation process. It builds your confidence and empowers you to find the right employment pathway and secure a great job.

CE is delivered in four phases. The first phase, Discovery, is all about exploring your interests, skills and support needs with the help of your CE Scout.

Having moved through the Discovery phase, it’s time to start looking at jobs. Here, we’re looking at this second phase, Job Search Planning.

4 Phases of Customised Employment

Support from your CE Scout

Having already spent time with you during the Discovery phase, your CE Scout should know your interests, goals and needs pretty well by now! You’ll continue to work closely together during the job search phase, too.

What to expect during the Job Search Planning phase

Your CE Scout will develop a personalised jobseeker profile for you. This includes a detailed record of your skills, interests, hobbies, talents and tasks at which you shine. You’ll have the opportunity to review this profile and give your feedback. 

The profile helps your CE Scout to spot any vocational themes or trends, so they can do an employment, business and cultural scan to find the best fit for you. This helps to understand what type of businesses or potential employers to explore. It’s all about matching your skills with an employer’s needs, to form a lasting relationship.

Once you’ve got a list of potential employers ready, your CE Scout will join you on workplace visits. These visits help you gain a better idea of what working in a particular industry might look like. It’s your chance to observe and ask questions. What does a day of work involve? What are the other people like? What does their business do? Are there opportunities for you to grow your career there?

After spending time with your CE Scout in different workplaces you’ll have a better idea of which field most appeals to you. You might even find the process has sparked a new interest or uncovered a hidden talent!

What happens next?

Once you’re a little clearer on where you’d like to work or the type of job you’d like to apply for, your CE Scout will help you to develop a resume or visual portfolio that showcases your skills and abilities to potential employers. You’re then ready to start the next phase, Job Development and Negotiation.

Your Scout will arrange interviews with inclusive employers or work experience opportunities and be right there beside you during this process. We’ll explain how this phase works in an upcoming article.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about CE or would like to meet one of our CE Scouts to start your own journey towards long-term employment, contact us today.