6 Mar 2018

The Rockheads rock out Costa Hall in Geelong

The Rockheads did it again as they ramped up the boogie for the second consecutive year at the Having a Say Conference in Geelong in early February.

27 Feb 2018

The ever-changing language of the disability sector

Language is always changing we need to be aware of what's appropriate. Read on for some of the common mistakes when referring to people with disabilities.

20 Feb 2018

Communication at your fingertips!

Just starting to learn Key Word Sign to use with your child? Having trouble remembering signs to use at your day service?KWS Australia has the solution…

13 Feb 2018

Actions speak louder than words

Australian Catholic University students ran a bake sale to raise awareness for communication access and the role of speech pathology in our community.

2 Feb 2018

How Australians feel about talking to people with communication disabilities

Australians feel self-conscious and anxious to talk to people that use alternate methods of communication, leaving those with disability worried and lonely.

18 Jul 2017

Voters Voice wins

“This project solves an important, practical problem and should have been done years ago!” – Good Design Jury