Pamela’s day out… of this world!

Imagine a day out that includes surfing, space travel, an undersea adventure and a trip to Antarctica. Scope customer Pamela managed to pack in all these things on a recent trip to Melbourne’s Docklands.

Pamela's Day Out 14
Customer Pamela with Support Worker, Suraj Fernando at ARTVO

Now in her late sixties, Pamela normally enjoys the quiet life at home. She loves soft music and watching TV, preferring to avoid large crowds unless she has 1:1 support.

“She also loves anything colourful,” says Disability Support Worker, Suraj Fernando; “so we went to ARTVO”.

ARTVO is a ‘trick-art’ gallery with larger-than-life murals designed to let visitors experience places they have never seen or been before.

Suraj planned the day out carefully so Pamela could avoid the crowds and get back home in a comfortable amount of time.

Pamela's Day Out 6

“The best outing for Pam is a short one so she can come back home and put her feet up to relax.” Suraj says.

“She was there when they opened at 10am sharp so there was no crowd at all. It was quiet, and jazz music was playing,” Suraj says. 

“She loved the experience of having art on every wall. She was vocalising happily within in the first few minutes and kept on looking around and enjoyed the whole experience.”

Well done Suraj for your careful planning to make Pamela’s day out extra special – and for sharing these incredible photos!