Pride Month 2022

Pride Profile: Gregory

Pride profile: Gregory
Gregory Axtens, proud Scope customer since 1972

What is your name, age, and pronouns?
Gregory Axtens, 62 years old, he/him.

How long have you accessed Scope services?
Since 1972.

Tell us about your experience as a queer person living with a disability?
It’s been good and bad.

When did you realise you were queer, and what was that experience like?
In 1988, it was good.

What was your experience of coming out to friends and family like?
It was hard for my family to accept, but they did later.

What are some of the challenges you have encountered navigating queerness as a person with a disability?
Access to venues has been hard, like certain hotels.

What is your favourite thing about being queer?
Being accepted in the community.

How have you been able to engage with the queer community? Or has this been a challenge?
By going to events such as the Pride Centre and taking on different roles.

How can people be better allies to you?
By accepting me for who I am

What else do you want people to know about being queer and having a disability?
It may take a while for some people to accept you.