Innovation and technology at the centre of Scope’s past, present and future

Scope’s Innovation Manager John Scahill has seen plenty of change and transformation in his years with Scope.  He says that even though the environment has changed, innovation has remained central to how Scope delivers its mission.

From humble beginnings in 1948 to becoming one of Australia’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies in 2018, Scope has always sought answers to the simple question: “how can we do it better?”

“Innovation has always been important to Scope and will remain so into the future,” John says. “At Scope we aim to ‘Do it better’. This means, we keep asking ourselves how can we innovate and improve the way we do things.

“Customer needs, technology, and our market are all evolving , particularly within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Therefore, to be sustainable in the future, we need to be more customer-driven and competitive. ”

The NDIS transfers decision making from government and service providers to people with a disability, a game-changer for innovation at Scope and the disability sector.

“We’re seeing more defined customer segments emerge due to a combination of customer need and interests, and what they choose to pay for.

“As customer choice and control grows, I expect technology to feature more in the supports received by people with a disability.

We’re embracing opportunities to positively impact how many people live their day-to-day lives. We are open to emerging technologies and innovative ways to learn how existing technologies are applied.”

Scope as a leader in innovation

Scope combines good ideas and technology with 70 years of experience to create better outcomes for its customers.

“We’ve successfully developed a range of tools – such as the MiSO app – an outcomes measurement tool based on ten years of research. MiSO recently landed Scope a place in the Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies list.”

Nick Hagiliassis, Dr Jennifer Fitzgerald, Dr Stella Koritas, Brad Gurrie, CEO Social Suite at the awards night.
Dr Nick Hagiliassis, Dr Jennifer Fitzgerald, Dr Stella Koritsas, Brad Gurrie, CEO Socialsuite at the awards night.

Scope has also launched Tools2Talk, an app designed by speech pathologists that allows people to make personalised communication aids, along with  online training products such as the Disability Engagement eLearning course.

“We’re looking, listening and investing,” John says. “We’ve looked at best practice approaches to organisational innovation and we’re investing in roles and resources that  support good ideas.”

“We’re also looking at ways to combine our experience in complex disability support with assistive technologies. We are collaborating with other organisations to connect customer needs and our expertise with technology.

“These investments should benefit everyone – our customers are heard and we respond, in new and better ways.”