Settling into your new job with support from Customised Employment

The final phase in your CE journey is called Post-Employment Support

Your journey with Customised Employment (CE) doesn’t end once you’ve found a great job. As you settle in at your new workplace, you’ll get valuable support along the way.

As we’ve explored previously, CE is delivered in four phases. First, you and your CE Scout explore your interests, skills and support needs in the Discovery phase. Then, you look at your job options in the Job Search Planning phase, before meeting and building relationships with potential employers in the Job Development and Negotiation phase.

CE Pillar 4- Post Employment Support

Phase 4: The support you need to succeed 

Before you start work at your new job, your CE Scout will do some groundwork on your behalf to make sure you and your new employer set off on the right foot. You both might need some training – for example, you might need to learn a particular skill, while your employer might need to learn about how best they can support you and your disability.  

It’s all about building a positive working relationship from your first day on the job, so you can start kicking career goals in no time.

Over time, your CE Scout will gradually pull away – but they’ll always be available to help monitor and advise on your career progression. You’ll be in the driver’s seat as you steer into your new career, knowing you’ve got the best support behind you.

Let’s take a closer look at what it all involves. 

What to expect from Post-Employment Support

Everyone’s needs are different, which is why your CE Scout will personally tailor the training and support you receive as you prepare for and start your new role. It’s all part of making sure you enjoy a smooth transition into your new job.

While the support can look different for each individual, it typically includes things like assistance with transport and independent living skills, job coaching and personal care, and formal on-the-job training.

As well as helping you prepare for working life, your CE Scout will:

  • Help you and your employer put a post-placement support plan into practice
  • Provide training for you and your employer to help establish work behaviour and production, resolve any issues, and evaluate your performance
  • Renegotiate with your employer about your work tasks and responsibilities, career advancement, wage increases, and any extra supports and adjustments you might need

Once you’re settled in your new job and enjoying all the benefits that come with meaningful long-term employment, your CE Scout will gradually reduce the amount of contact you have with them. But the support structures set up in your transition period will remain, helping you build relationships and expand your expertise in your new role. And your CE Scout is always a phone call away if you, or your employer, needs any extra guidance.

A new chapter begins

By this stage, your new employer has a great new employee (that’s you!), and you’re building new skills, growing your community connections and confidence, and earning your own wage. It’s a win-win – and while it marks the end of your CE journey, it’s the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

If you have any questions about CE or would like to meet one of our Scouts to start your own journey towards long-term employment, contact us today.