Super powered love

Cassy and Daniel were only 10 years old when they first met in 2009. Cassy still recalls Daniel’s gold wheelchair and “Harry Potter style glasses”, while Daniel picked straight away that Cassy was a tomboy – “she is no girly-girl”.

With Cassy’s communication disability, Daniel initially found it difficult to understand Cassy. But their connection was instant, and they soon became inseparable. In time, Daniel learned to understand Cassy and all her quirks.

Daniel and Cassy in the early days at Nepean School

When Daniel moved away in 2010, Cassy felt she lost the only person who truly understood her and loved her for who she was. Says Cassy, “I lost my ‘partner-in-crime’, I was shattered”.

It was an awaited reunion when Daniel re-joined the Nepean Specialist school in 2016.

After some initial awkwardness, the two were soon close again, eating lunch together and having dinner at Cassy’s house with her family.

6 months after moving back, they officially started dating and have been together ever since. They both go to Scope Pakenham Lifestyle Options together during the week.

According to Daniel, “All of our friends and family said that it was pretty much as if we were from the very beginning – which I really can’t argue with them, we weren’t the best at hiding how we felt!”

With a shared love of superhero films, comic books, and TV shows, Daniel and Cassy’s first date was to the movies to see Suicide Squad. Cassy even surprised Daniel by dressing up as Harley Quinn for the special occasion!

Building a life together

On 31 December 2019, Cassy and Daniel got engaged, with the wedding planned for later this year.

In typical Cassy fashion, she asked Daniel over the phone if he wanted to get engaged. She does admit that it wasn’t very romantic but at least it was in true Harley Quinn style – “I’m mad baby!”.

Like in any movie romance, the two have had their share of struggles along the way, but their love has seen them through.

Says Daniel, “No matter what we are going through, whether it be mental or physical health issues or people saying we shouldn’t be together, neither of us have allowed the other to push them away.

“The thing I love most about Cassy is no matter the situation or the mood I’m, whatever is going on, she can make me laugh or want to try new things.”

Cassy agrees, joking that “Some people don’t understand our relationship, but that’s what makes it better – we are proving people wrong in true Harley Quinn and Joker style!”

The couple plan on moving in together this year and travelling – especially to Hawaii.