Tanya and her love for Olivia Newton-John

One Scope customer has sent out a touching tribute of her own to Olivia Newton-John. Tanya, from a Scope Supported Independent Living facility, is a huge fan of Olivia-Newton John and has been singing even more of her songs since hearing of her passing. Tanya even sang Xanadu during a recent stay in hospital to help her get through the pain.

“I have loved Olivia all my life…I’ve watched Grease so many times that I played Sandy on stage once and already knew all my lines!”, Tanya said.

“When my sister Lisa was singing in my dad’s band, I used to be right at the front singing along – many people could hear me through the microphone even though I wasn’t on stage! I also love singing in church, at Christmas and any old 80s hits.”

Tanya loves all of Olivia’s music, but especially Xanadu, Let’s Get Physical, Let Me Be There and all the songs from Grease.

Celebrating her love of legendary pop divas, Tanya also spends time singing songs from other artists like Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Whitney Houston.

Tanya is thankful to her Disability Support Workers, in particular Jess, for supporting her love of music.

They help her put music on YouTube and Spotify so she can dance and sing along with her housemates. Tanya is also supported to attend singing and dancing activities in the local area. When she’s not singing, Tanya attends Factory Arts in her hometown, where she fosters her love of art.

Lisa, Tanya’s sister, said she is always the life of the party and doesn’t mind a glass of champagne. She is also a wonderful aunt to her two nephews and niece who adore her.