The passing of time

A heartwarming gesture from a longtime friend has put smiles on the faces of residents at Stonehaven Avenue.

When 67-year-old resident Ian ‘Woody’ Woodcock passed away in September 2021, many felt he had passed before his time.

Described by Stephanie Schumacher, Senior Manager, as “really active and engaged,” Woody’s passing left a huge hole in the hearts of those who knew him.

“He was full of life, cheek and fun,” Stephanie said.

“Woody was very social and actively involved in a lot of things, and he travelled extensively overseas to the US and loved Las Vegas”

Howard, Woody’s friend and decades-long housemate recently found a way to ensure Woody’s memory would live on for a long time yet.

Ticking of the clock

Avid lovers of Cadillacs and rockabilly-style cars, Howard and Woody shared a beautiful friendship, and regularly watched movies like Green Book together.

They both attended Lifestartz woodwork program, where Woody was in the process of creating an ornate wooden clock.

When he passed away, he was only halfway through his project. Howard, devastated by the loss of his longtime friend and housemate, decided to complete the clock on Woody’s behalf.

“Howard is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet in your life. He mainly signs, and he’s just the most loving, caring, kind gentlemen – he’s just an absolute sweetheart,” Stephanie said.

Jarrod Crew, Stonehaven Avenue House Coordinator, said the two shared a “lovely bond”.

“Woody would often cruise past Howard, who was always sitting in his armchair, and give him an affectionate nudge on the arm,” Jarrod said.

“Howard was very distraught when Woody passed, he was chuffed to have been given the chance to finish off the clock and was pretty keen to show it off when he brought it home from woodwork.”

Today, the clock sits in the lounge room as a heartwarming reminder of a dear friend and housemate. But Woody’s memory at Stonehaven Avenue goes far beyond the ornamental clock.

Lifelong legacy

Stonehaven Avenue was actually built by Woody’s father so that his son would have somewhere to live with his friends following the closure of Knox Accommodation, their previous congregate care house.

The purpose-built house was established and donated by Woody’s father to Scope 20 years ago.

“Woody’s father built the property with him in mind, and for his housemates and friends from Knox Accommodation,” Stephanie revealed.

“He has been accessing Scope services since he was a child, but then Woody and a couple of the residents moved out together to Stonehaven Avenue in around 2002.”

Howard, the Stonehaven Avenue housemates and team members are all mourning the loss of a bright, energetic and fun friend.