Victoria and Amanda think the Australian Open is ace

To tennis fans, summer in Melbourne means one thing – the Australian Open.

So, it comes as no surprise that tennis enthusiasts and Scope customers Victoria and Amanda make it a point to visit Melbourne Park every year. Whether it’s to cheer on the games’ finest, or to feel the vibe, for them it’s a highlight every January.

“It’s a special event they look forward to every year, a great experience,” says Support Worker Cathy. “We all enjoy it together. Everyone is always helpful, friendly, and happy to chat.”

For Amanda this is an opportunity to add to her collection of signatures on her souvenir ball. This year she got Australian champ John Millman.

Victoria impressed John with her on-theme nails, painted to look like tennis balls for the big day!

Gearing up for the Grand Slam

On spotting one of the Australian Open ads, Victoria uses non-verbal communication to show Cathy she knows what this means – it’s almost time for their tennis trip.

She loves to watch tennis on TV with her mum and knows all the players.

Amanda likes to tune in too, and with a vision impairment, the sounds of the game are the highlight.

The thwack of racquets hitting the ball, the excited yells of the crowd, the cheering, chanting and clapping – she loves it all.

Watching the matches live, Amanda loves to add her own voice by yelling ‘Deuce!’ every chance she gets.

Cathy says that although the day itself is great, the build-up to the trip is a big part of the experience for the two tennis fans.

“Seeing the excitement about the trip on Victoria and Amanda’s faces is just fantastic.”