Get active

An overview of sports programs at Scope.

It’s no secret that Australians are a sport-loving bunch. While this often means cheering for your team, there’s nothing link being on the field, court, or rink!

Whether you’re fiercely competitive or want to make some new friends, there are so many great reasons to get active. It’s always amazing to have a go at something that challenges and inspires you.

Keen to try something new? We can support you to participate in a range of activities in your community or organised by Scope.

Balloon Football League

Designed by and for people with disability, Scope’s Balloon Football League (BFL), invented 24 years ago, is anybody’s game. Played on a basketball court using wheelchairs, this version of Aussie football uses a large balloon as the ball.

With six leagues across Victoria made up of 36 teams, we’re always looking for players and volunteers. Join now!

Our Junior League gives children with disabilities the essential experience of inter-school sport. This is provided as part of a Sport and Recreation Victoria funded program for children in special developmental schools. Junior BFL is a fun and supportive environment for kids to be active, have fun, make friends, and develop skills that they’ll use on and off the court.

Balloon Netball League

Our Balloon Netball League is for everyone. With experienced coaches and facilitators, this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to try something new.

Developed in partnership with Netball Victoria, balloon netball aims to train and improve the players’ catching, goal shooting, and teamwork skills. It’s a fun way to maintain an active lifestyle.

All Abilities Ice Skating

Love watching the ice sports at the Winter Olympics? All Abilities Ice Skating is for you!

The program was developed in partnership with Ice Sports Victoria and O’Brien Group Arena for people of all abilities to enjoy ice skating on a weekly basis. Here’s your chance to tackle a new challenge on the ice – ‘Come and Try’ events are held twice a year. Come over to experience sled hockey and curling.

For more information about how you can access activities in your community, contact Scope.