Sports mad Rosanna is up for anything

Rosanna has a passion for sport and is always keen to try something new.

Says Rosanna, “I love all sports and I will always have a go. I love doing exercise and staying healthy plus learning new skills.

Yousef Jabbour, Community Group Coordinator, says Rosanna is up for anything.

Rosanna Trying Ice-Skating
Rosanna Trying Ice-Skating

“We’ve supported Rosanna to try a variety of sport activities including ice-skating, tennis, balloon football, cricket, baseball, golf and a walking group. She had a go at each sport with her favourites being tennis and balloon football.”

“I enjoy playing these sports because it is fun and I like to challenge others and win”, says Rosanna.

A highlight of her week is playing in the Balloon Football West League on a Monday. For Rosanna, being a member of a team and winning games is what it’s all about.

“A lot of customers love getting involved in sports. We’ve seen them get so much out of it, from improving their health and fitness to making friends. And feeling proud when they achieve a new sporting skill,” said Yousef.