Backyard café brightens everyone’s day

What do you do when you can’t visit your favourite café?

Customers and staff at one of Scope’s supported independent living homes brought the café experience to their own backyard!

Housemates Tom and Anthony painting a bench bright primary blue.

While this house has been busy with a range of activities during the coronavirus restrictions, this is the biggest project by far.

When staff member Sally suggested the idea, everyone was on board. The whole house pitched in to get the backyard café up and running.

Housemates Tom, Stewart, and Anthony decided on a bright colour scheme. They got to work painting the furniture in a cheerful multi-coloured palette.

Anthony and staff member Barb created menus offering a range of sandwiches, a soup of the day, and some sweet treats.

During the café’s ‘opening hours’, residents order off the menus. With staff taking their orders and serving up meals, it’s pretty close to the real thing.

Tom, Stewart, and Anthony sitting on the cafe benches, sanding the noughts for the noughts and crosses game.

And if café patrons feel like a bit of entertainment with their meal? They can have some fun with the noughts and crosses game on the wall.

With some help from staff member Andrew cutting the game pieces out, the housemates sanded and painting them in the café’s vibrant theme.

Everyone is enjoying spending time in the café and enjoying the treats on offer. The local cafés might need to watch out for the new competition on the block!

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