Bringing favourite activities home

These housemates are knocking isolation down like bowling pins

Christine is bowling a large, soft, shiny ball down her hallway, towards a set of indoor bowling pins. Three people are gathered behind her to watch her bowl.

Customers, their families, and staff have put their heads together to make sure the good things in life don’t stop at this house.

Many of the housemates’ usual things to do are on hold now. So, the team at this supported independent living home has sprung into action.

After a little brainstorming, they are finding ways to make customers’ favourite activities happen at home.

Tenpin bowling was top of the list! With a bowling set and a few homemade scorecards and prizes, the Hallway Bowling League was born.

Kerri is relaxing in a chair with cucumber slices over her closed eyes. A person is applying a green face mask to Kerri's face. Kerri is wrapped in a soft blanket.

The housemates are enjoying their bowling fix at home – and what’s bowling without a little friendly competition?

Coffee culture reigns supreme in this household, and everybody was missing their favourite cafés. Coffee on wheels to the rescue! A coffee van delivered a caffeine hit and sweet treats too, from crunchy cookies to delicious donuts.

Thrilled to get her cappuccino and cake fix, housemate Kerri declared the coffee “bloody beautiful!”

The housemates have also enjoyed listening to audiobooks and taking the time to relax with some pampering in a home day spa.

Looking for things to do at home? Make sure you visit our coronavirus resources pages, where you’ll find activities, recipes, and more.