Coming together while staying at home

How Scope customers are reaching out and staying connected

While restrictions have started to ease for visiting family and friends, Scope’s supported independent living homes are staying connected and making sure physical distancing doesn’t mean social distancing!

A cuppa in the driveway

For resident Terry, visits to his next-door neighbour Benny are a weekly highlight.

Terry is a caring neighbour and friend. He wanted to find a way to check in on his neighbour, who lives alone, while he couldn’t pay him his usual visit.

Keen to invite Benny over, he asked the staff at his house if they could support him in finding a way to make this happen.

And so, in what may well be a first, the driveway morning tea was held! This meant everyone could be the appropriate distance apart to keep safe. Most importantly, Terry, housemate Griffin, and Benny could have a cuppa and catch up on each other’s lives.

“I miss visiting Benny, and it was quite good to have him over for morning tea,” reflects Terry.

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Jen kising her iPad while on a video chat with her parents.

Staying connected with technology

We’ve all had to get used to seeing each other over a screen instead of face-to-face. Scope customers have been quick to embrace technology to make sure they keep in touch with family and friends.

Missing her parents’ weekly visits, Jen was so excited to see her parents over Zoom video chat she showered them with kisses – through her iPad!

FaceTime has been a great way for Trevor and Kaylene to stay in touch with family, while Joy thinks you can’t beat the telephone for a good chat with her sister Lesley.

It might take a bit of extra effort, but it’s well worth it to keep up those important relationships that mean so much.

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