A Pinterest search turns into custom sensory boards

In search of creative activities, this household went online for inspiration

Maureen and Anton are working on Anton's sensory board. Anton is holding a piece of pine steady while Maureen cuts it with a jigsaw.

Scope housemates Colin and Anton like to keep their hands busy, so when they were deciding on a project to work on at home with staff members Jim and Maureen sensory boards made perfect, well, sense.

Colin likes to fiddle with objects, and Anton loves carpentry. After a Pinterest deep dive, the group had some great ideas on what to include in their sensory boards.

After a visit to Bunnings to choose materials, it was time to get down to business!

Using a range of tools and materials, Colin, Anton, and the team put the boards together.

Colin is using his sensory board while sitting in a lounge chair.

Each board boasts a mix of interesting objects, from bells and latches to locks and chain bolts. They are uniquely created just to suit the owners.

​​​​​​​Anton and Colin are thrilled with the final products and have been proudly showing them off to the team and their fellow housemates. It’s now rare to see them without their custom-built sensory boards.

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