Building a tower with blocks

Develop hand-eye coordination during play.

Here is an activity that you can try with your child to help them develop their eye-hand coordination skills.

Start by collecting a variety of different objects that can be stacked/used to build a tower. This could be:

• Blocks, plastic and wooden, coloured and plain.
• Margarine containers with lids.
• Empty boxes of a variety of sizes.
• Small books.
• Sponges.

Some things to keep in mind as you play:

• Show your child how to stack objects. Talk about what you are doing. Put one object on top and encourage your child to put another one on.
• If your child has difficulty controlling the amount of movement in their arms, try using heavier objects, e.g., containers with sand in them.
• Find items that are easy for your child to hold, e.g., slippery, plastic blocks may be harder for your child than soft, lightweight sponges.
• Practise building inside a container – the sides of the container will help support the building and make it easier to be successful.
• Show your child the fun of knocking the tower over and building again.

This activity is taken from ‘One Day at a Time’, a resource developed to help families promote their child’s development, available for free from the ‘Resources to download’ page on our website.

Scope therapists use activities similar to this and much more to support development in children. They will work with you to find things that work for you and your family. To find out more, call us today on 1300 472 673.

Illustration by Robyn Crowe