V/Line is now the world’s first truly communication accessible public transport network.

Did you know…

  • 13 million passenger trips are taken on V/Line trains each year.
  • The PTV call centre is the contact point for all V/Line phone enquiries.
  • The PTV call centre receives 1.4 million calls each year.
  • V/Line was awarded the Communication Access Symbol in February 2016.
  • The PTV call centre was awarded the Communication Access Symbol in March 2016.

As we discussed in “On the fast train to communication access with V/Line”, V/Line made a huge investment of time and resources over 3 years to achieve communication access across all 5 of their regional train lines.

People with communication difficulties can now be confident that they will be able to get their message across when they use V/Line services, including when they are buying a ticket, speaking with conductors and  when they make a phone enquiry.

PTV (Public Transport Victoria) have also made a huge commitment to communication access, and recently all of their 143 call centre staff were trained in disability awareness and communication access.

In May, V/Line visited PTV call centre staff to say congratulations on a job well done to achieve this truly amazing result for many of their passengers with communication difficulties.

What better way to celebrate than with cupcakes, complete with the Communication Access Symbol!

staff with cupcakes

V/Line and PTV are extremely proud of their Communication Access Symbol