What is Communication Access?

When people see the Communication Access Symbol displayed at a business or service, they know that it’s a place where everyone can get their message across, regardless of the barriers to communication that they may face. The Communication Access Symbol was launched in 2011.

Communication Access Symbol

Awarding the Communication Access Symbol

Scope has worked with over 100 businesses and services within Victoria to award them the Communication Access Symbol. Many worked closely with their local Regional Communication Service to deliver training to staff and create resources before undertaking a communication access assessment. An assessment involves our communication access assessors, who are people with communication difficulties, evaluating how staff interact with them both face to face and over the phone.  A business or service and its staff need to meet a set of minimum criteria during this assessment before being awarded the Communication Access Symbol.

Photo of communication access in action at Scope (front reception)

Communication accessible reception at Scope

Some of our Communication Access Partners

Many of the places that have been awarded the symbol have proudly announced their achievements on websites and in the press, and we want to draw your attention to some of these, to celebrate their success.

Aquatic and recreation centres are big advocates of communication accessibility. They’ve been active in promoting the symbol and telling their local communities more about communication access. Read the stories of the journey towards becoming communication accessible at Aqua Energy and Monash Aquatic and Recreation Centre.

With regard to local government, it’s great to read about the commitment and see the work being done by the Benalla Rural City Council and the City of Greater Geelong  to create inclusive communities, including communication access.

Communication is a basic human right and we were delighted to see the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission announce its accreditation in January 2015.

Picture of reception board created for VEOHRC

Victoria’s regional rail network V/Line is also leading the way, looking to become the world’s first public transport operator to be awarded the Communication Access Symbol. There is a wealth of information on the V/Line website about new resources they have in place to assist people with communication difficulties.

A huge congratulations to all who have shown the commitment to become some of the first places in Australia to receive the Communication Access Symbol.

Cover image of the Communication Access for All Booklet

Communication Access for All Booklet

If you would like any further information about how you can make your service communication accessible, please contact us on (03) 9843 2000 or download the Communication Access for All booklet. To find out more about your Regional Communication Service and how it can help your service become communication accessible, just go to the Communication Access Network website.