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Our therapists can help you with:

Speech Pathology

Scope’s speech therapists will help you feel more confident when communicating with others.

Speech pathology


Do you want to become more mobile, grow stronger, have more control over movement, or reduce pain and stiffness? Physiotherapy can help.


Occupational Therapy

Using a range of games and activities, occupational therapy helps you learn new skills and take part in everyday activities.

Therapy OT

Your journey with Scope therapy services:

SCP14407 Scope Your Journey Infographic With Scope Therapy Services Early Childhood Aged0 9
Man with disability shopping at the supermarket.

Want to get NDIS funding for early intervention?

To get funding for children’s therapy services through the NDIS, it’s important to know what your goals are. Scope’s NDIS Planning Tool can help here. It’s easy to use and includes helpful hints along the way.