Together, we can create a plan that best suits your needs. We continue to tailor your services throughout the different stages of your life, changing as you change.

Our services are designed to support you to achieve your goals. They include:

Communication Access

This initiative promotes businesses and organisations where people with communication difficulties are heard and understood.

Therapy Services

Individualised Services

Our 'individualised services' are designed especially for you.

Supported Independent Living

If you need long-term accommodation, our supported independent living is a great way to live the life you want.

GoKids mobility services

Scope specialises in providing mobility services, equipment and support to help your child get active.

Lifestyle Options

Choose the activities you want to do every day with our lifestyle options.

Short Term Accommodation

Whether the goal is to learn new skills, meet new people, or enjoy a short break, staying at Scope’s short-term accommodation can make it happen.

Sports, arts and social activities

Join in the fun by taking part in sport, art and social activities that you are interested in.

Individual Support Package facilitation

We can help your get the most out of your Individual Support Package through our ISP facilitation service.

Non-electronic Communication Aid Service

Support Coordination

Assisting people with complex and multiple disabilities to identify and purchase the supports and services needed to achieve their goals.

Specialised Communication Services

Accommodation Supports