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Access and Inclusion

The 'Connecting Me' Tool Kit

This Tool Kit was developed by Scope’s Communication & Inclusion Resource Centre as a product of the learnings from the ‘Connecting Me’ project.

This project was one of 11 projects selected in 2015 by National Disability Services as part of the Community Inclusion Initiative, which was funded through the National Disability Insurance Agency’s Sector Development Fund.

The purpose of this initiative was to increase community inclusion for people with a disability and their families, using a co-design model.

This Tool Kit has two parts. Part 1 of the Tool Kit details strategies and resources which can be used when undertaking planning of individualised services using a co-design model with people with communication difficulties across the stages of:

•         Preparation
•         Planning – developing a plan
•         Putting the plan into action
•         Review and evaluation

Part 2 of the Tool Kit includes detailed fact sheets, examples and templates of the communication aids referred to in Part 1 of the Tool Kit. The communication aids described can be used to support a person with communication difficulties to communicate choice and exercise participation, control and self-determination, using a co-design planning model.

Microsoft Word Templates of selected planning resources and communication aids are also available for individual download.


This Tool Kit contains information and excerpts which have been previously published in © InterAACtion: Strategies for intentional and unintentional communicators (Scope, 2004, which is available from the Scope Shop). The ‘Connecting Me’ Tool Kit includes images from: The Picture Communication Symbols © 1981–2016 by Mayer-Johnson LLC. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Used with permission. Boardmaker™ is a trademark of Mayer-Johnson LLC.

Disclaimer: The communication aids, resource materials and strategies described above are for use only in accordance with appropriate professional advice. Scope (Aust) Ltd. (“Scope”) accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury, loss or damage resulting from the deliberate or accidental misuse of the aforementioned communication aids, resource materials and strategies.


The Communication Bill of Rights

Every person has a right to communicate. This poster highlights the rights summarised from the Communication Bill of Rights put forward in 1992 by the National Joint Committee for the Communication Needs of Persons with Severe Disabilities. The poster is a modified version of the NJC bill of rights.

Speak Up and Be Safe from Abuse

The Speak Up and Be Safe from Abuse communication toolkit is designed to support people with communication difficulties to identify and report abuse. The toolkit and the training sessions have been developed by Scope’s Communication Inclusion Resource Centre with support from the Victorian Government. Download the resources on the Speak Up and Be Safe website.

Health and Wellbeing

Saliva Management

The aim of these resources is to increase awareness of saliva production and control issues, and provide information on potential issues, causes and available treatment.

One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time is a resource to help families promote their child’s development. The manuals offer hands-on activities organised under key developmental areas.


Communication Access Tips

These Communication Access Tips offer free downloadable web-based communication resources for all, with a focus on proven strategies that help people with communication difficulties.

The Bridging Project

People with complex communication needs may have speech and or language barriers that create day-to-day issues. The Bridging Project connects these people with specialist and mainstream health services. It offers a range of medical and psychological materials and resources that are easy to digest.

If you need urgent medical or psychological support, we recommend you consult your local doctor, the emergency department of your local hospital, a specialist mental health service provider or a crisis telephone counselling service, such as Lifeline in Australia (13 11 14).

Kids Chat 2 You

Kids Chat 2 You was a free-of-charge communication aid consultation service delivered by Scope from July 2017 to June 2020. Scope speech pathologists supported children with complex communication needs across Victoria. We visited each region as children started to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and provided information and resources to support the use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). This included low-tech communication aids and key word sign resources. A series of handouts was created to share with families, allied health professionals and educators, with information on AAC and how to support children with communication disabilities. Kids Chat was made possible by generous funding from the Bowness Family Foundation.