Meet Annie

Annie Billman is a four-year-old girl who loves the movie Frozen and playing with her sister.

“Knowing we have the support of Scope is fantastic because it means we don’t have to navigate things by ourselves”Annie’s parents contacted Scope after Annie spent the first two years of her life in hospital. As a result of her hospital stay, Annie developed behavioural issues, including severe anxiety. In 2014, Annie was also diagnosed with autism.

This was a difficult time for both Annie and her family. After all that time in hospital they now had a new series of challenges to manage.

Scope’s therapists have supported Annie and her family in all aspects of Annie’s life. Her team of therapists have helped Annie and her family to identify the support they need now and into the future.

Support has included psychology sessions for both Annie and her family. They have had the opportunity to process the challenges they’ve already faced since Annie was born and are equipped to see a future of possibilities for their daughter.

Annie is being given tools to manage her anxiety. This has been effective through an integrated approach by all of Annie’s therapists. She has also accessed assistance in transitioning to a kindergarten environment and being around other children. Scope was instrumental in helping the Billmans successfully apply for the Kindergarten Inclusion Program at their local kinder. This has ensured Annie gets the support she needs every day.

Equally important has been the embracing of communication aids to help Annie express her needs and emotions. This has had a significant impact. Annie’s behavioural issues occur less frequently and her family is now aware of the underlying causes for her behaviours of concern.

The Billman family is grateful to know they have support and guidance from Scope.

“Annie is a highly motivated by her senses, says Kerry. So little things like being introduced to a weighted blanket has made a world of difference. We would never have found out this out by ourselves, but the therapists at Scope make it so much easier”

– Kerryn Billman, Annie’s mum.