Through Scope’s support, Tamati is now making his own choices and decisions about his own life.

Where once he was relying  upon the support of his parents, Tamati is now living life with an ever-increasing independence and confidence. Tamati attributes this to the support he receives from Scope.

Everything I want to do, Scope is 100% behind me – Tamati Poingdestre

Scope supports Tamati to gain important life skills, such as learning how to travel independently and making his own choices about his life. Today, Tamati loves hanging out with friends, playing balloon football and going shopping for his own clothes.

If it wasn’t for Scope, I would be sitting in my bedroom playing video games. Now I realise how boring that life would be. Imagine if I didn’t come to Scope to learn to be independent and do what I want to do – Tamati Poingdestre

Basically I want to live by myself, learn how to budget, and things like that. Scope’s helped me to do that a lot .I thought I was independent before I came to Scope, but now I know I’m really independent – Tamati Poingdestre