Staff at Scope Shannon Park don’t often bring a packed lunch on Thursdays. But then, why would you when you can have an assortment of freshly prepared delicious dishes delivered like clockwork?

Kim Grey takes orders from staff on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before working with fellow food enthusiasts Darren Wilton and Georgia Spiller to produce the delicious food through the cooking program on Thursday mornings. Kim is excelling in the program and learning new cooking techniques weekly, from cutting vegetables to flipping pancakes and even piping the cheese cake filling.

Most recently, the group has used a modified switching device to enable them to use the blender to produce the cream cheese and lemon curd to make the mini cheesecake bites. Kim’s “meals on wheels,” boasting an ever-evolving menu currently including chicken schnitzel and veggies, zucchini slice, chicken caesar salad, sausage rolls and soups among other things, have proven a real hit around the office.


Kim’s mini Cheese cake bites recipe


1 x packet of Milk biscuits

1 x Philadelphia cream cheese

1 x jar of lemonade curd


  • Mix cream cheese and 2 tablespoons of lemon curd, then pipe onto biscuit and use a small amount of lemon curd to decorate the top.
  • Place in fridge for an hour then enjoy!

Photo: Kim Grey piping cheesecake filling at Scope Shannon Park.