The rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)  is an exciting time of change but it can also be overwhelming.

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) monitors frequently asked questions that are coming through on social media, posting responses up on their website. We are reposting this information to help keep you up to date.

For more information, please visit the NDIS website.

Q. Do you have a visual guide for how to complete a participant access request form application?

A. The completing your access request form page on our website provides you with information about the paperwork you’ll need to provide when you apply for the NDIS. That page also has links to more helpful information about how to apply for access to the NDIS.

The NDIS currently do not have a visual guide to complete the access request form, but they’ll take on your feedback about how we can better support people in filling in the paperwork to become an NDIS participant.

Q. What do I need for my first planning conversation?

A. Once you’ve been approved to access the NDIS, they will work with you to develop your first NDIS plan.

In your first planning conversation, you and a planner will identify the reasonable and necessary supports that meet your immediate needs, start to identify your goals in life, and talk about the supports that will help you achieve those goals.

To get ready for your first NDIS planning conversation, start thinking about what your current and immediate necessary supports are.

Your NDIS plan is divided into budgets according to your life goals, so it helps to think of what your goals are, and what supports you really need to help achieve those goals.

On this First Plan page of our website, you can download more information including:

Watch this video about getting ready for your first planning conversation with the NDIS.

Q. Can I use money in my support budget for equipment to buy a replacement battery for my wheelchair?

A. If the wheelchair is a part of your reasonable and necessary supports (so not a spare one) then yes, the battery comes under the repairs and maintenance part of your support budget.

There is a cost code to claim against the capital budget:

  • battery or charger: 05_501224310_0105_1_2

This and similar information is in the Assistive Technology & Consumables Code Guide at:

Q. Do all support workers and service providers need to have an ABN number?

A. No, not all support workers need an ABN. If you self-manage your NDIS funding you can directly employ your own support staff. Direct employment of staff gives you more control over:

  • the people who work with you,
  • the hours they work, and
  • the tasks that they perform.

In this situation you become the employer and have additional responsibilities to the Australian Taxation Office and your employees through Australia’s workplace laws. You can use this option on its own or in combination with using self-employed contractors or other service providers (regardless of whether they are registered with NDIS).

You can read about employing and paying staff in the ‘Paying Support Staff’ section of the ‘Self-managing Your Plan’ fact sheet available here. You may also want to look at this fact sheet on directly engaging your own staff.

Q. What is the process for changing my plan if my circumstances change after my planning conversation?

A. If your circumstances have changed and you believe your plan no longer meets your needs, or you disagree with what has been approved, you may request a review. You can download and fill in the change of circumstance form available on this page of our website.

A change of circumstance is a change in your life that affects the supports you need to request, your status as an NDIS participant, or your plan. That webpage also explains the different ways you can tell us about your change in circumstance.

Q. How can I get an idea of whether I’ll qualify for the NDIS?

A. You can get an idea about whether you’re eligible for the NDIS by answering the questions on the NDIS Access Checklist.

You might also want to visit the Access Requirements page of our website. This page has more information about the basic access requirements that you will be assessed against to see if you can become an NDIS participant with an individual plan.