All visitors to Dandenong Ranges National Park will now be able to enjoy trails in the park thanks to a motorised all terrain wheelchair – called a TrailRider.

The motorised TrailRider was created by Parks Victoria and is the first of its kind in the world.

TrailRider all terrain wheelchairs are a cross between a rickshaw and a wheelchair and can handle rugged bush trails where conventional wheelchairs cannot go.

The motor on the chair makes it easier to manoeuvre the chair over rough trail surfaces and makes it easier for visitors with mobility limitations to access steeper and longer trails than ever the before.

“Everyone has the right to enjoy the benefits of being in nature and we want to help everyone to be active in our parks. This is just one way we are making this possible,” said John Kenwright, Community Inclusion Coordinator, Parks Victoria.

“The TrailRider really opens up park areas that people with limited mobility may never have been able to see or experience.”

The TrailRider is located at Grants on Sherbrooke café at Grants Picnic Area in Mount Dandenong National Park. It can be booked by calling 03 9755 2888.