Established in 1981, AGOSCI is an inclusive group committed to enhancing the participation of people with complex communication needs.

This year’s 13th Biennial Conference Ready, Set, AACtion will be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne from 17 – 20 May.

Scope will be sending a large contingent from our Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre (CIRC) as well as representatives from other departments. They will be sharing insights on the various projects they have been working on.

You can download a schedule of events from the AGOSCI website. Below are some of the highlights from our CIRC team:

Wednesday 17 May

Beyond the personal communication dictionary – Hilary Johnson
1:00pm – Savoy Room 3

Thursday 18 May

Using Picture Story Books in AAC – Gemma Holleran
11:40am – Savoy Room 3

AAC is necessary from young to older people – Hank Wyllie and Lisa Ho
2:00pm – Savoy Room 2

What children say about non-electronic communication aids – Georgia Burn and Hilary Johnson
1:40pm – Savoy Room 3

Friday 19 May

Team approach to successful AAC implementation – Gemma Holleran and Laura Greene
11:20am – Savoy Room 2

Key Word Sign App – Karen Bloomberg and Katie Lyon
11:00am – Connaught Room
Read some of Karen’s AGOSCI highlights on the CIRCus Blog.

Taking AACtion on poor health outcomes due to health literacy barriers – Naomi Rezzani
4:00pm – Savoy Room 1

Saturday 20 May

The Connecting Me Project – Julie Kenny & Denise West
10:30am – Savoy Room 1

Speak Up and Be Safe – Naomi Rezzani, Agnes Kusnadi, Cam West
11:10am – Savoy Room 1
Download the toolkit of resources on the Speak Up and Be Safe website.

Positive communication interactions for train travellers – Hilary Johnson
3:20pm – Savoy Room 1

For more information on the above presentation schedule, please visit the AGOSCI website . If you’d like to find out more information about any of the presentation material, please contact or call 1300 472 673.