At Scope, we provide non-electronic communication aids to support people with little or no speech to communicate. We’re excited to announce that you can now apply for and develop these aids via our website which makes the application process easier for you.

What is the Non Electronic Communication Aid Service (NECAS)?

The Non Electronic Communication Aid Service develops and manufactures customised non-electronic communication aids for people with communication difficulties.

What are non-electronic communication aids?

Non-electronic communication aids include complex communication books, personal communication dictionaries and visual supports such as timetables and activity schedules. See our Communication Aids page for examples.

Why have NECAS developed an online application form?

The development of the online application form was in response to feedback and requests from our customers and has the following benefits:

  1. A Quicker and easier application experience

    • The form has been tailored to only collect information that is relevant to your circumstances and application
    • No need to fill it out in one go – you can save the form and come back to it later
    • The form checks itself for errors and highlights anything you have missed.
  2. Automatic confirmation

    As soon as you have completed the form, you can submit it directly to us and receive instant confirmation that your application has been received. We can begin processing your application without delay

  3. You are helping us ‘Go Green’

    Using less paper is good for the environment and this is one part of the application process where we can significantly reduce paper usage.

Who can access NECAS?


  • Some adults living in Victoria may be eligible to receive non electronic communication aids  for free
  • Some children living in Victoria may be eligible to receive non electronic communication aids through KidsChat funding for free

To find out more check the eligibility criteria here.

Australi (outside Victoria)

Adults and children who are NDIS participants can have the cost of non electronic communication aids covered by their NDIS plan funding.

For anyone who is not covered by the above, NECAS can also provide a quote to produce non electronic communication aids.

How do you fill out the online form?

Simply follow the prompts on the NECAS application form online.

Information required includes:

  • NDIS number (if you have one)
  • Contact details of the person with disability
  • Contact details of the person applying for the aid
  • Information about your disability and communication needs
  • What types of communication aids you require (e.g. shopping list, signing book etc.)
  • Communication aid design requirements – you can upload images, sketches and additional information if you wish­­

For more information, contact or call 9843 2000.